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Welcome to Medicinechest

MedicineChest has been providing health information for the public in GP surgeries since 2001. MedicineChest has been written to help you make the right decision when a health issue is affecting you, your family or friends and is designed to provide you with useful information on home treatments, advise you when a pharmacist may be able to help and also clearly outline when you should visit your doctor.


MedicineChest contains hundreds of condition pages full of useful information and advice you can trust - they have been written by doctors and pharmacists in collaboration with the leading support groups, asscociations or charities relevant to each condition. You can also visit our healthier living section written to tackle everyday health issues such as diet, pregnancy & birth, vitamins, and much more. We are constantly improving and adding to MedicineChest and would welcome your suggestions. If there is something you would like to see included please let us know.


Medicinechest Content for your website
Medicinechest delivers managed branded content for third party websites. For health information and a customer health details marketing database for your existing website containing all the Medicinechest content in your logo, branding, colour schemes etc call 01494 618573 or use the contact us page to email Oliver Harris. Medicinechest will host the content on our servers and will take responsibilty for editing, reviewing and updating the information so it is always accurate for your customers. Our managing editor was the Managing Editor of MIMS, Director of Haymarket Medical and founder of the OTC index and oversees a team of GPs and Pharmacists who work alongside charities and patient support groups. The content is supported by advertising and if your website has enough traffic we will rebate a percentage of the advertising revenue back to you. You will retain the right to "ban" certain brands from appearing all advertising campaigns are approved by our editorial team so you can be sure that no inappropriate advertising will appear.


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